A Pledge to Our Referring Doctors

To Our Referring Dentists and Doctors

Dr. Seibert, and our staff understand that the referral and treatment process can be challenging for both the patient and their dentist or doctor. To make the process as seamless, safe and rewarding as possible, we make the following promises to each and every one of our referral sources. These promises reflect our values and beliefs, and boldly state how we intend to perform on a daily basis in order to maintain your trust and faith in us.

Rest assured, when your patients are referred to our office, we will:

  1. Pledge our partnership and support to you, your office and your patients.
  2. Always care for your patient with dignity and respect.
  3. Always do what we believe is right and in the patient’s best interest.
  4. Never put financial gain ahead of what is best for your patient.
  5. Support your patients health care decisions with education and compassion.
  6. Provide an open and safe atmosphere that promotes communication and encourages patients to fully participate in the treatment decision process.
  7. Keep our education and techniques up-to-date so we continue to be the leading periodontal practice and implant dentists in the area.

For over 25 years, our Practices commitment to providing only the highest standards of patient care has enabled us to develop strong relationships with several referring dentists and specialists.